Mango booking procedure

  1. All bookings MUST be done via the Conference Secretariat, Upavon Management. Contact
  1. Rate applicable is the contracted rates as agreed with Mango.
  1. Bookings are flexible. i.e. Traveller names, dates and locations can be amended. Bookings cannot be cancelled
  1. Bookings can only be made for registered conference delegates or partners travelling with registered conference delegates.
  1. What we need to make your booking:
  • Copy of your id book or passport
  • full credit card details i.e. card number, name if cardholder, cvv number and expiry date
  1. Should you wish to pay the Secretariat directly for flights, an invoice will be sent to you which is payable on receipt. Bookings will only be made once payment is received and the funds reflect in the bank account.  Proof of payment along with the copies of the ids for the travellers need to be sent to  In this case, the Secretariat will book the flights using the company credit card.
  1. Should delegates wish to use another service provider, they need to book the flights themselves.