Call for Speakers 2017

For application for extension please contact Cindy –

In addition to individuals who have already been invited to speak at the SAPICS 2017 conference, other speakers are carefully selected by a Selection Committee which is made up of supply chain professionals from across the professional spectrum.

The conference audience is particularly interested in hearing from fellow supply chain practitioners who have both experience and practical solutions.

Please read the speaker guidelines outlined below before submitting a proposal. Submissions which do not contain all the required items will not be reviewed.

General Presentations only.
For Academic papers click here.

30-Minute Presentation: 

Solo or multiple speakers with a 30-minute presentation. This format is intended for practitioners with case studies or similar presentations.

50-Minute Presentation: 

Solo or multiple speakers with a 50-minute presentation.


Three hours are provided for these interactive educational sessions to small groups. Shorter times are also available if indicated.
Workshops are currently scheduled throughout the conference programme – early submission of workshop proposals is encouraged.

Academic or Research:  

SAPICS 2017 will include a separate track for peer-reviewed academic papers. Please refer to the Academic Call for Papers here and complete the submission form here.

The 39th Annual SAPICS Conference and Exhibition theme is Business Unusual.


General Presentations only.
For Academic papers click here

15 January 2017 – Call for Speaker submission deadline

19 February 2017 – Notification of acceptance or otherwise

02 May 2017 – Submission of white paper and presentation visuals

The above deadlines will enable SAPICS to promote the conference and selected speakers as actively as possible. Missing any of the deadlines may jeopardise the opportunity SAPICS has to properly promote your session and may reduce attendance at your session.


To apply, please complete the process online for speaker submissions here.

What to expect if selected

Speaker fees are not paid, however, full free conference registration will be awarded to one presenter per topic. Other speaker benefits will be outlined in the formal acceptance letter. Limited funds may be available to foreign speakers for travel and accommodation and those wishing to apply for this must submit a written motivation together with their submission.

SAPICS will initiate active campaigns to promote the conference in general while highlighting some of the programme topics. Speakers are encouraged to promote the attendance of their session to potential delegates in the lead up to the conference. Active and insightful participation (not spam) on the various SAPICS social media platforms, as well as the distribution of conference information to your own supporter base, are two of the easiest ways to get delegates interested in your session.

Written Papers are voluntary for all speakers excluding those selected for the Academic/Research track. White papers are wholly encouraged and highly sought after. Please indicate on the submission form if you are planning on providing a white paper if selected to speak.

Speaker Awards will be presented at the closing of the conference on June 6th as follows:

Terry Smee Trophy: Best speaker at the Conference overall (selected by the audience)

SAPICS Trophy: Best written paper (selected by a panel)

New Ideas: Presented to the speaker with the most innovative presentation (selected by the audience)

Finally, by submitting the application you are agreeing to the terms and conditions.

Documents/details required per speaker to complete the submission:

General Presentations only.
For Academic papers click here.

The completed submission form must be accompanied by the following:

  • Speaker biography – 150 words in narrative form, not a CV format, per speaker
  • Colour Photo – jpeg format, head and shoulders preferably in high resolution
  • Previous speaking experience – Don’t be deterred if you haven’t spoken at a conference before
  • Link to a video of a previous speaking engagement or pre-recorded example of your speaking ability. If you do not have a video available, please record a brief introduction – no more than your name, job title, where you work and what your proposed topic is to be
  • Details of published works – If any
  • Session objective
  • Abstract – A 50 to 100-word paragraph
  • Three or four bullet points summarising delegate takeaways
  • Motivation for travel & accommodation funding: Please state whether you are able to contribute to travel expenses by utilising your frequent flyer miles or similar (non-South African residents only, if required)

The submitted paper attached to this form is provided to SAPICS under the following terms and conditions.

  1. The Speaker Selection Committee, at its sole discretion, will determine the acceptability of the submitted presentation. In addition, the Conference Committee will determine whether or not to publish a submitted paper either in whole or in part. SAPICS agrees to provide the author of the submitted paper appropriate credit if the paper is published.
  2. Authors of the submitted work/paper freely give SAPICS permission to publish the submitted work/paper in any media so selected free of any compensation and/or royalty claims.
  3. Authors of the submitted work/paper testify that the submitted paper does not contain confidential and/or proprietary information not owned by the author.
  4. Authors of the selected work/paper testify that the work is original and has not been used at previous events in South Africa.
  5. Speakers must adhere strictly to the duration selected on the application form. Time should be allocated by the speaker for questions and answers within this duration.
  6. Persons submitting an abstract are doing so with the understanding that they agree to abide by the conditions, deadline policies and the decisions of the Conference Committee.
  7. Once the submission has been accepted, the accepted speaker agrees that this presentation shall be used exclusively for the SAPICS 2017 Conference and that only after it has been presented at this conference may it be presented at other events in South Africa.
  8. If for any reason an accepted speaker is subsequently unable to attend the Conference, substitutions will NOT automatically be accepted and the paper and substituted presenter shall be accepted solely at the discretion of the Speaker Selection Committee.
  9. The written paper must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document for publication in the conference proceedings. Papers will be edited and formatted before being returned to the author for final approval.
  10. Presentations must be in Microsoft PowerPoint format and utilise the standard conference template provided by the Conference Secretariat (this will be available to download shortly). The PowerPoint presentations will also be published online post-conference together with the written paper where applicable. 
  11. A proposal should not be submitted unless the speaker is available to appear on any day of the SAPICS Conference.
  12. Under no circumstances should the conference’s podium be used for direct promotion of a speaker’s product, service or for monetary self-interest.

Presentations which directly promote specific products, services or monetary self-interest will not be selected. We do, however, offer exhibition space for this purpose. In addition to the opportunity to exhibit products and services relevant to the profession, a series of Tech Talks will be incorporated into the 2017 programme. Introduced for the first time in 2016 the Tech Talks provide a 30-minute opportunity to use the platform to promote products and services (normally not permitted in the main SAPICS Conference programme per the terms and conditions). For further information, please contact Jana Kruger at Upavon Management –

For application for extension please contact Cindy –