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Since its foundation in 1966, SAPICS has become the leading provider of knowledge in supply chain management, production and operation in Southern Africa.

Annually, professionals with a passion for supply chain management meet at the SAPICS Conference to discuss various topics, explore resources relevant to the supply chain profession, and to benefit from valuable networking opportunities. The 2017 SAPICS Conference will be held in Cape Town from 4-7 June 2017 and, for the first time and in collaboration with POMS (the Production and Operations Management Society), includes an Academic Track on 5-6 June 2017, featuring peer-reviewed papers.

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Academic Papers only.
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  • We accept manuscript files in MS Word or Portable Document Format (pdf) formats only.
  • Please do not enter any author details, university or other institution, country information or any other author related information in the manuscript to comply with the double-blind peer review process. This information should be supplied using the manuscript submission online form or cover letter in case of email submission.
  • Articles should be thoroughly checked and proofread before submission. After you have submitted your article you will be unable to make any changes to it during the refereeing process—although if accepted, you will have a chance to make minor revisions after refereeing and before the final submission of your article.

Authors are kindly invited to submit their papers as per the call for papers schedule below:

  • Full Paper Submission: 28 February 2017
  • Acceptance Notification: 31 March 2017
  • Presenter(s) registration: 30 April 2017
  • Final Paper Submission (print ready): 30 April 2017
  • Presentation Submission: 30 April 2017
Academic Papers only.
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Authors are kindly invited to submit their formatted full papers including results, tables, figures and references.

All paper submissions will be double-blind peer reviewed and evaluated based on originality, research content, correctness, relevance to conference and readability. Please read the guidelines carefully before submitting your paper.

  • Online Submission: Paper Submission can be completed online here.
  • Email Submission: If you are unable to submit your manuscript using the online system, you may submit with complete details via email to clearly marked ACADEMIC TRACK submission.


  • Download MS Word Paper Format (will be available for download shortly).
  • Download Presentation Format (will be available for download shortly).
Academic Papers only.
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Academic or Research: 

  • Authors must submit their papers in English of up to ten (10) pages, presenting the results of original research or innovative practical applications relevant to the conference.
  • Authors must ensure the accuracy of citations, quotations, diagrams, tables and maps.
  • Figures and images must be clear and easy to view.
  • Figures and tables need to be placed where they are to appear in the text. If preferred, you can also place images and tables at the end of your article. Please do not submit figures or tables as a separate document.
  • Papers must be formatted according to the template that can be downloaded by clicking here (will be available for download shortly).
Academic Papers only.
For general presentations click here.

The review process will be double-blind. Therefore, please anonymize your submission. This means that submissions may not contain any information identifying the author(s) or their institution(s):

Do not enter the author(s) names or affiliation(s) at the start of the paper, anonymize citations and mentions of your own prior work that are directly related to your present work, and do not include funding or other acknowledgements. Each paper will be reviewed by at least two members of the SAPICS Academic Track Peer Review panel. The acceptance decisions will take into account paper novelty, technical depth, elegance, practical or theoretic impact, and presentation.

  • Original: the paper explores a new idea, project or issue; discusses existing research with the promise of new insight, discusses new research; or presents new ways of considering existing information.
  • Engaging: presentation format will involve the audience in some way or has high potential to attract conference attendees by addressing needs of the community.
  • Significant: the paper raises and discusses issues important to improving the effectiveness and/or sustainability of supply chain management, and its contents can be broadly disseminated and understood.
  • Quality: claims are supported by sufficient data; claims draw upon relevant literature, and limitations are described honestly.
  • Clear: the intended outcomes of the paper are easily understood.
  • Relevant: the paper addresses the theme of the conference.

Accepted papers are to be finalised by inserting those details removed for the purpose of blind review and re-submitted before the final paper submission deadline. Accepted papers will be published in an ISBN indexed journal.


Accepted papers will be presented in the Conference Academic track by the author(s), who must register for the Conference and make themselves available on either the 5th or 6th of June 2017. In the case of multi-author papers, only one author needs to be present.

Presentations are to be of not more than 30-minutes, including question time, and must be supplied before the specified deadline (above). The required format is Microsoft Powerpoint, using the prescribed template (this will be available for download shortly).

Presenters will be entitled to a discounted Conference registration fee of R4,750 (excl. VAT) which will allow them full access to all Conference activities.

Applicants are required to accept the terms of the Copyright Agreement [insert hyperlink], and confirm, acknowledge and agree expressly to the terms and conditions of this copyright agreement. This copyright agreement prevails and is binding to the contributing author(s).
The submitted CALL FOR PAPERS 2017 form is provided to SAPICS under the following terms and conditions.

  1. The Academic Peer Review Panel, at its sole discretion, will determine the acceptability of the submitted presentation. In addition, the Conference Committee will determine whether or not to publish a submitted paper either in whole or in part. SAPICS agrees to provide the author of the submitted paper appropriate credit if the paper is published. SAPICS acknowledges that the paper in its entirety remains the property of the author(s).
  2. Authors of the submitted work/paper freely give to SAPICS permission to publish the submitted work/paper in any media so selected free of any compensation and/or royalty claims.
  3. Authors of the submitted work/paper testify that the submitted paper does not contain confidential and/or proprietary information not owned by the author.
  4. Authors of the selected work/paper testify that the work is original.
  5. Speakers must adhere strictly to the duration selected on the application form. Time should be allocated by the speaker for questions and answers within this duration.
  6. Persons submitting an abstract are doing so with the understanding that they agree to abide by the conditions, deadline policies and the decisions of the Conference Committee.
  7. Once the submission has been accepted, the accepted speaker agrees that this presentation shall be used exclusively for the SAPICS 2017 Conference and that only after it has been presented at this conference may it be presented at other events in South Africa.
  8. If for any reason an accepted speaker is subsequently unable to attend the Conference, substitutions will NOT automatically be accepted and the paper and substituted presenter shall be accepted solely at the discretion of the Speaker Selection Committee.
  9. The written paper must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document for publication in the conference proceedings. Papers will be edited and formatted before being returned to the author for final approval.
  10. Presentations must be in Microsoft PowerPoint format and utilise the standard conference template provided by the Conference Secretaria (this will be available for download shortly). The PowerPoint presentations will also be published online post-conference together with the written paper where applicable.
  11. A proposal should not be submitted unless the speaker is available to appear on any day of the SAPICS Conference.
  12. Under no circumstances should the conference’s podium be used for direct promotion of a speaker’s product, service or for monetary self-interest.
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