Below is an example of how to motivate your attendance to the SAPICS 2017 Conference…


I would like to attend SAPICS 2017. The event is taking place at the new Century City Convention Centre in Cape Town on the 5th & 6th June 2017.

The conference theme is Business Unusual, and it is the Leading Event in Africa for Supply Chain Professionals. The event is in its 39th year. This year’s agenda focuses on all aspects of supply chain management with emphasis on real world case studies from which I believe I can learn a lot to bring solutions back to our company.

The conference features many industry guest speakers, from home and abroad, workshops and motivational talks that will greatly benefit my work. The calibre of international speakers is exceptional and it will cost far less to see them in Cape Town than to travel overseas.

Networking with the exhibitors at the conference will be invaluable for me as I know there are several there who will be exhibiting products and services which could save us time and money.

Please check out the conference website SAPICS works hard at building the supply chain community and I believe I will derive enormous value out of being a member.

The organisers have taken into account the fact we don’t have as much time to be out of the office for a long time so they have reduced the time of the event to 2 full days with optional workshops and site visits on the days either side.

The total cost for the conference is R.

The detailed cost breakdown is listed in the paragraph below.

Here is my estimated breakdown of conference costs:

Conference Fee:
Transportation to and from Hotel:
Total :

The prices above are subject to availability as nothing has been booked until I get your approval. I will ask the organisers for a formal quotation once I have your confirmation that I may attend.

I am confident you will see this as a worthwhile investment. My attendance at this conference is a wise investment and will pay off for years to come. I will be certain to bring what I have learnt at the conference back to our organisation to share with all who have something to learn.