Tech Talks

Tech Talk 1 – Meeting Room 4

Monday 5 June 2017 – 10:40 – 11:30


Industry 4.0 – Leading manufacturers for products within the sector of mostly automation today speak about the movement towards Industry 4.0, some comparing this trend to the fourth industrial revolution. Interroll, a worldwide leading producer of high-quality key products and services for internal logistics has committed to develop their next generation of products with Industry 4.0 as the driving force behind their innovation process. Hilton Campbell, Managing Director for Interroll SA will present to the interested parties their products, how this fits into today distribution strategies and offer some insight into how their products will evolve into creating “smart warehouses.”

 Tech Talk 12 – Meeting Room 7

Tuesday 6 June 2017 – 15:00 – 15:50


Come and see how easy, and cost effective, it is to implement a Demand Driven MRP system within your organisation using Replenishment + (R+), the first DDMRP compliant software developed in line with the Demand Driven Institute’s development of the DDMRP methodology. R+ software is subscription cloud based software that is fast to implement, and will quickly provide you with reduced inventory, greater service levels and shorter lead time. The cost of the software is not user based, but on the value of your inventory after implementation. Like many global customers already, let us help you to make a significant difference in your supply chain performance.